The Killing – “Undertow”

Season One, Episode Nine

After a slow-burn of an episode last week, The Killing was on full throttle in “Undertow.” It looked like detectives Linden and Holder were finally going to make an arrest on Bennet. They tapped his phone and even his wife stopped by the station to express her thoughts that she doesn’t entirely trust him. The lock-down was planned, and Linden even told a hopeless Mitch that he’d be behind bars during the night. This gave Mitch a relief of happiness, that the family was finally getting the justice they craved.

But to no surprise, things didn’t work out like they planned. The judge wouldn’t sign off on the warrant and Bennet wasn’t arrested. Linden is used to this type of disappointment, trying to tip-toe around the authorities just to finally put the nails in the coffin. Mitch isn’t and she sobs to her husband until he leaves with homicidal intentions.

Meanwhile, Richmond seems to have returned from the dark side and is the moral man he’s been all season long. He wants to rebuild the community that is being targeted as terrorists. He said he’s done with the mud-slinging he threw at Mayor Adams (which we find out his affair was true). There is still no reason to root against Richmond. Oh, and we also find out he has a pretty good basketball shot (winning $5 million on one shot is pretty clutch). There was a slight idea hinted within the Richmond story-line that suggests these two candidates are planting things to make each other look hideous to the public. Could Mayor Adams or someone on his team have gone so far to kill Rosie?

We seem to have picked up on a fourth story-line (probably only for this episode though), involving Muhammed. After tracking him down, Linden and Holder question him until he reveals what him and Bennet have been hiding: the young Somali girl who is missing. They’re trying to prevent the tradition of female circumcision by smuggling her to Canada. Well, there’s the dead end to Bennet being a suspect, right?

At the conclusion, Stan and Belko have kidnapped Bennet and have beaten him senseless. It’s unsure if Bennet is simply unconscious or dead, and I’m sure we’ll find out during the next episode (which reminds me of the preview they aired… we see Belko walking in a prison in chains).

The Killing is beginning to pick up with the action now, and with only a handful of episodes left, Linden and Holder have a lot of work to do to find out who killed Rosie Larsen.

Now for some points:

– I don’t know if it’s because I was so certain Bennet wasn’t the killer by the way the show was treating his story-line or not, but when the students all walk out on him in the classroom, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

– The touching moment of the episode was when Stan helped the little girl with her bike, strapped her helmet on her head, and then gave her a push. It’s impossible not to remember those you have lost through all the small things you encounter in life.


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