The Killing – “Vengeance”

Season One, Episode Seven

Last week’s episode of The Killing had a few setups for a few predictable things that were revealed this past episode. For one, did anyone actually thing Stan was going to kill Bennet? It looked like he had the intentions to do so, and the way the show displayed Linden frantically pounding on the Ahmed’s door and Holder questioning Mitch, sure I guess they planted the idea that the end was near for Bennet. But thankfully, The Killing didn’t go down that road of ex-mobster breaking free to start a family, only to relapse back to his violent ways. Though that plotline still isn’t out of the question completely.

Linden has a short chat with super-pregnant Mrs. Adhmed and finds out some crucial information. First off, Amber can’t lift anything. She also explains why she arrived at her sister’s place so late that Friday night, because she was in the car outside of the high school dance crying her eyes out. All right, so I guess we can rule her out as being one of the two people carrying out a body from Admed’s apartment, right? The second thing we found out from Amber is that Bennet has been studying the Koran with someone named Mohammed. More importantly, this Mohammed fellow has a key to their home. So within one conversation, we can start to believe that Bennet didn’t have anything to do with Rosie’s death, which is good because like I’ve said, I like Bennet.

Speaking of liking Bennet, Richmond is going through a lot of guff by standing by his side. Richmond is unwilling to listen to his campaign advisors by throwing Bennet under the bus just to save his campaign. I don’t imagine that there is any fan of the show to not want Richmond to win this election. If there is a flaw to his character, it would be he is TOO much of a saint. He keeps doing the right and moral thing over and over again in such a crooked career of a politician.

To add onto my Richmond-love, he meets with his diseased wife’s mother later on in the episode. We find out that Richmond’s wife was killed in a car accident from a drunk driver, and that this person is about to be released on parole. I guess this might be the first imperfect thing Richmond has shown. He cannot find it within himself to forgive the person who killed his wife. Like anyone would, he still feels a great deal of anger. Still, this scene tore at your sentiment for Richmond.

Like every episode, the Larsen family storyline had some very powerful and heart-wrenching scenes. When Stan tells his two young boys what happened to Rosie and reassures them that he won’t let the “bad man” or anyone else ever harm them, that was enough for me to let out a deep sigh. It’s every father’s internal duty to protect his children, and Stan feels like he didn’t protect Rosie. But just when it seemed like Stan was the one getting the worse of Rosie’s death, we’re shown a scene of Stan and Mitch. Stan kisses Mitch’s neck and hugs her from behind, but Mitch is quick to break the kiss. She apologizes, “I’m doing the best I can.” It’s going to take a lot longer than a thirteen-episode arc for Mr. and Mrs. Larsen to get back to normal.

To no surprise, Linden misses her flight and her fiance won’t return her calls. I think it’s time for The Killing to stop teasing us with suspicion of whether Linden is actually going to complete the case or not. We know she’s going to see this case through the end. There’s a much better chance that Linden’s marriage will fall apart before she leaves this case. We all know that. Which brings up a very interesting, subtle hint of Linden’s past. When her and Regi were talking on the boat, Regi warns Linden not to let this case consume her like the last case with the missing kid. She said something on the lines of how the last case almost made her lose custody of her child. I don’t know what happened, but I sure hope they explain that in a future episode.

I saved the best for last. Linden and Holder pay a visit to the mosque and ask for a Mohammed. They get no information aside from an address that was conveniently dropped into Linden’s shoe (by who? who knows?). They follow their lead (set-up?) and Holder proves again he’s the trigger-happy cop who acts before thinking. He busts through the door and they walk through an empty butcher shop. Then Holder breaks open the heavy lock to a room. We see their eyes widen from whatever they were looking at. Of course, we don’t get to see what our detectives do, and before they can take everything in, a swarm of FBI agents tackle Linden and Holder.

You can’t say that The Killing doesn’t know how to drag you into the next episode week-after-week with their cliffhangers. Overall, the episode was a strong one. We’re officially more than half-way done with the season and have been taken on quite a ride thus far. At this point, I’m not sure if there is really a solid case for any suspect. I assume we haven’t even been introduced to the killer yet, so I’m not staying up late trying to piece together this unfinished puzzle. Just allowing myself to witness the detectives’ investigation is thrilling enough for me.

My final thought is solely about Belko. He’s been around from day one, but we really don’t know anything about him. On top of that, he seems very sketchy. Who is he getting his information from? He’s slowly getting more screen time on the show. He was questioned by Holder and was bullied by Mitch until he cracked. It’s no surprise to me that he’s the main suspect on the Suspect Tracker from, but who the hell knows.


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