The Killing – “What You Have Left”

Season One, Episode Six

All of the evidence seems to still be pushing towards Bennet at the killer, but I think it’s safe to say that he didn’t murder Rosie Larsen. But there is a very good chance that he knows a lot more than he’s telling the detectives, and that’s why they’re trying to take him in at the end of this Sunday’s episode. Why is Bennet hiding crucial information? Is it to protect Richmond’s campaign? Was his pregnant wife really involved with carrying out a body on Friday night? Or maybe it was Gwen?

With every good murder mystery, there are questions that surrounds every character’s actions. Everyone is still a suspect. Even though the focus is currently on Bennet for the past few episodes, I’m expecting that focus to shift on someone else very soon.

So what did we learn during this episode? We learned that Bennet lied to the cops again. As Linden and Holder visited Bennet’s home, he admit that Rosie stopped by after the dance to return a book, a detail that he omitted when speaking with them earlier (and a pretty crucial one, don’t you think?). The cops questioned a number of Bennet’s neighbors and got witnesses of Bennet and another young woman (his wife is the assumption) carrying a body around midnight (courtesy of telescope man). While I can never trust crazy witnesses during mysteries like these, all this is doing is pin-pointing the blame on Bennet.

Oh, and Stan Larsen knows Bennet is the prime suspect, thanks to his buddy. Stan had that look in his eye as he drove Bennet in his car that he was going to put a hurt on him. Can you blame him? If the prime suspect of your daughter’s murder was standing in the same room as you? Stan has the crazy look in his eye, but let’s see if he actually goes back to his pummeling days or not.

Staying with the Larsen family, I applaud The Killing for spending so much time on the post-death situations that they are going through. It does slow the show down and it’s definitely drawn out, but that’s the whole point with the story-line. There is always something you can relate to with their story-line if you’ve ever lost a loved one. During this episode, Stan and Mitch argue with each other about when Rosie gave Stan cuff-links for Christmas. It might’ve seemed like nothing, but it portrayed how frustrating memories can be distorted through age when memories are all you have left of the diseased.

Finally, the Richmond campaign story-line was a bit more interesting than usual, but still took third place of the three major plots. When the word gets out that Bennet is the prime suspect, Gwen and Jamie freak out (and rightfully so). Richmond continues to do things morally right, which might cost him the election. But it certainly brings up the dilemmas inside of his campaign against the type of person Richmond is. He’s presenting himself as an honest and a naturally good person. He was unwilling to publicly blame Bennet as the murderer just to save his debate spot. Richmond definitely shot himself in the foot for doing so, but I think it’s safe to say he’s truly innocent from the Rosie case and if someone inside his campaign is involved, he doesn’t know about it.

Once again, The Killing takes another step towards its season finale, which should definitely be a thriller. A few points to end this post:

– Holder is awfully aggressive to lock up Bennet. I love his passion for wanting to find the murderer, and his hot-head is a great compliment to Linden’s cool-and-collected behavior.

– So what’s up with Mitch’s sister and Jasper’s dad? From Terry’s reaction, they might’ve had some kind of affair. But how does that tie into Rosie, if at all?

– I would take the $15 million bet that Linden and her son aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon (or at least for the next week).

– The tear-jerking scene this episode was when Rosie’s brother asked to help carry the casket. Very powerful.

– I just wish to see more of the Linden/Holder combination. They play off of each other so well and I finally fully like Holder. Him wearing the suit was some well-played comic relief.


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