The Killing – “Super 8”

Season One, Episode Five

So what did we learn during this semi-par episode of The Killing? Well, that the show really really wants us to point the finger at Rosie’s teacher, Bennett. The evidence? Bennett is connected to Richmond and probably could get access to one of his cars. The handwritten letters between the two, though Bennett said they weren’t of a romantic nature. Bennett chaperoned the dance on Friday night and seemingly had his home to himself all night long. Oh, and that he has a past of seducing his students since he is married to one of his former students.

Wow. It seems like The Killing is trying to frame Bennett. Frankly, it’s way too early in the game to believe Bennett is actually the cause of Rosie’s death, so there’s no way I’m going to assume that Bennett is the killer. But it’s pretty damn tough to look past all the evidence this episode brought to us.

The most important part of the episode is probably the super 8 movie reel that Bennett handed the detectives. Or is he just buying more time, like Holder suggests. In any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the line (or next episode) Linden finds something in that video that will lead us to another suspect. For now, we just have to appreciate Rosie’s artistic shots of scenery.

As for the Larsens, things get flipped upside-down as Mitch was the more composed one of the episode while Stan breaks down. The children are also feeling the effect of Rosie’s death as their parents cannot function during all the funeral arrangements. Their aunt does her best to fill the void, but it’s not enough. As the episode ended, Stan seems to be frustrated enough to start getting involved. It sort of reminds me of Mystic River with the father conducting his own investigation. I hope it doesn’t come down to that, but the wheels have started to turn.

Finally, the Richmand campaign, which is really beginning to drag the episodes down. We find out that Ruth Yitanes is the leak in his campaign (who really cares?). Gwen is hurt when she finds out Richmond had her e-mails checked as well. Jamie gets drunk with the Mayor, but he shows why Richmond believes in him so much. I like Jamie’s character very much, while I simply do not trust Gwen at all. As for Richmond, his conversation with Mitch at the supermarket and then lying to Gwen was a breath of fresh air of morals and generosity in such a cut-throat, political game.

There wasn’t any kind of cliffhanger at the end of the episode, as Richmond is seen with his arm around Bennett. Other small points to note:

– We get a small glimpse of Holder’s situation as he drops off an envelope of money in the mailbox of a house with children inside of it. So what’s his back-story and what’s his deal?

– I really hope Linden’s marriage doesn’t burn up into flames, but like her fiance commented, she lets cases like these consume her life. Let’s see if she actually makes the barbeque on Sunday.

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