The Killing – “El Diablo”

Season 1, Episode 3

We learn plenty of new things during the third episode of AMC’s The Killing. The episode picks up right were we left off in the basement of the high school, better known as “the cage.” With blood stained sheets, there is no doubt there was some foul play that occurred here, but does it involve Rosie Larsen and if so, then how?

The investigation pushes further as Linden and Holder question the janitor, who aside from the principal has the only set of keys to the basement. After jumping out the window and being in critical condition, the janitor reveals who was down in the cage with Rosie on Friday night. But why the hell did he freak out and jump out the window at the sight of the cops?

Questions like these are what makes The Killing such a compelling series, and you can imagine the number of questions coming from the investigation and the Darren Richmond political campaign. Aside from these two story-lines, the grieving Larsen family hits as the most honest display of characters. Stanley Larsen tries to remain strong and run the family while Mitch still mourns the lost of her daughter. The scene when Mitch replays the answering machine message of Rosie’s voice was heart-breaking to watch. While the scenes of the Larsen family slow the pace of the show down, it is without a doubt the most powerful.

After the first two episodes, I wasn’t too sure about Stephen Holder, but now I’m beginning to trust him as a cop. The way he uses his edgy, youth in smart ways to get information is a great compliment to Sarah Linden’s straight-forward thinking. The two make a really good team and one that is enjoyable to watch on television. Oh, and I love the minor jabs they take at one another throughout. It’s the only comedy relief in this glum and dark show.

The way the episode ended with the captured recording of Rosie, possibly drugged up, in the basement with Jasper and Kris Eckles… it was tough to watch. It’s impossible to like Jasper and Kris from the start, but that’s only based on assumptions and preconceived notions. But from what the video showed, there seemed to be a lot of foul play between the three of them. Looks like Richmond is going to get what he wanted, an arrest.


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