Review: Rango (2011)

Rango (2011)
107 minutes
Rated – PG
Directed by Gore Verbinski

Grade: B

An oddball, satirical, adult-friendly animated Western about a chameleon who tries to save the town of “Dirt” from their water shortage. In Rango, Verbinski and the writers pay an homage with their witty story-line mash-up, taking bits and pieces from cinema classics and fusing them into a colorful adventure.

Rango bites off more than he can chew when he accidentally offs the winged creature that bullies the town of “Dirt.” He becomes the sheriff and within a town of conspiracies and crooked characters, Rango’s inexperience puts the entire town in jeopardy. He does have a few friends though, but he soon learns that he’ll need more than that to restore justice.

Full of classic Western cliches, Rango shines on-screen and is a film for children and adults to enjoy. Animation power-houses like DreamWorks and Pixar have their hands full this year. The one scene that stands out was the high-speed chase seen that involved dozens of gun-wielding creatures, birds, and carriages as the protagonist and friends run for their lives. The shots are beautiful and exciting at the same time.

The film might be a bit too strange for the casual movie-goer, and there wasn’t much sappiness to slow its pace. Overall, Rango is a film I can see kids and people who are familiar with a number of old Western classics to enjoy the most. But even if you aren’t familiar with Westerns, it’s still a fun ride that I recommend to take apart of.


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