Gleecap: “Audition” (S02E01)

I was not thoroughly impressed by the second half of last season when it came to story-line, character development, and song selection, but I do have to admit that I loved Season 2’s premiere on Tuesday night.

The episode opened up brilliantly with Jacob interviewing a number of members from the Glee club, directly asking them questions that critics and people on forums have been expressing. These include Will’s rapping, calling The New Directions “A glorified karaoke club designed to make the inventors of Auto-Tune millions of dollars?”, and also recapping some of last season’s events.

With a new season came plenty of new faces and changes. For one, Rachel and Finn are going out. Also, Quinn is back not only on the Cheerios squad, but as head cheerleader when Sue bumped Santana down because she got a boob job. Tina broke up with Artie for Mike Chang over the summer. Oh how so much can happen during one summer when you’re a teenager.

Even though The New Directions received some good publicity and honors, the glee club remains a place for outcasts and losers at McKinley High. The club tries to recruit new members so they can challenge Vocal Adrenaline’s epic sound during this year’s nationals, which will be held in New York City. The club scopes out two talents: Sunshine Corazon (the insanely gifted Charice Pempengco) and Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet). While Finn and Sam hit it off because they’re both on the football team, Rachel is intimidated by Sunshine’s vocal strength and does everything in her power to make sure she doesn’t join the club.

The other new face of the series is the new football coach, Shannon Beiste (pronounced “beast” and played by Dot Marie Jones). Principal Figgins informs Sue and Will that their clubs’ budgets are being cut to try and improve the football team. This is the premise for some Sue and Will tag-team action (who would’ve thought they’d team up for anything?).

I personally enjoyed the song selections for this episode. They were performed with sharpness and in natural Glee style. The stand-out track, in my opinion, was Sunshine’s rendition of “Listen” from Dreamgirls. Charice’s voice is a powerful weapon and at the age of 18, she shows outstanding control, range, and maturity. No surprise that Oprah coined her as the “most talented girl in the world.” If you’ve never seen this girl belt out a song before, do yourself a favor and find her on Youtube.

A close runner-up was Lea Michele’s episode ending number, “What I Did For Love” from “A Chorus Line.”

The Season 2 premiere episode was definitely a step up from the disappointing second half of the debut season. The episode ends with Will apologizing to Bieste for his immaturity and damaging intentions, along with the glee club awfully upset with Rachel for being the single force driving away Sunshine to their rivals, Vocal Adrenaline.

But don’t worry, things won’t stay too serious for long. Next week’s episode is the Britney Spears tribute. Yikes.

Final thoughts:

– Is Jesse still with Vocal Adrenaline? Because if he is and now with the addition of Sunshine, I’m sorry but I’m rooting for V.A.

– Did anyone else rewatch the fight between Quinn and Santana three times immediately after the episode ended? No? Just me?

– Did Finn really think that it would be legal for him to push Artie down a football field? He deserved to get kicked off the team.

– Where was Emma? Is that love interest over? Eh, with rumors that Gwenyth Paltrow will be romancing with Will Shuester for a few episodes, that’s more exciting than the entire first season’s romantic rollercoaster ride.

– The rival between Bieste and Sue is going to be excellent.

– Okay, Finn is awesome, but these Glee dudes are completely getting crapped all over by the chicas. I hope Ryan Murphy discovers the next Neil Patrick Harris and has him terminate Finn’s character.


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