Box Office Results: Iron Man lifts off to the top

Studio Estimates for May 7-9:

1.  Iron Man 2 – $133.6 million
2.  A Nightmare on Elm Street – $9.2 million
3.  How to Train Your Dragon – $6.8 million
4.  Date Night – $5.3 million
5.  The Back-Up Plan – $4.3 million

It was smart for studios to stay away from releasing any other films this past weekend because the Iron Man 2 launched the summer blockbuster season with an impressive $133.6 million. Debuting in about 10,000 screens at a record 4,380 theaters, it already ranks as the fourth highest-grossing picture from 2010 (in just three days).

Even though Iron Man 2 isn’t receiving as much critical praise as the first, that didn’t stop the masses from attending, even if it was on Mother’s Day.

Last week’s box office champion, A Nightmare on Elm Street, dropped a dramatic 72 percent to an estimated $9.2 million. Meanwhile, How to Train Your Dragon grossed $6.8 million, which boosted it over the $200 million total.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Date Night with $5.3 million and The Back-Up Plan with $4.3 million.

This weekend there are three wide releases, with only one film having a chance at topping Iron Man 2 (though very unlikely). Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett is one film I’m excited to see. The other two new releases are the romantic-flick Letters to Juliet and the romantic comedy Just Wright.
All information from Box Office Mojo


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