Box Office Results: ‘Nightmare’ gets a dream opening

Studio Results for April 30 – May 2:

1.  A Nightmare on Elm Street – $32.9 million
2.  How to Train Your Dragon – $10.6 million
3.  Date Night – $7.6 million
4.  The Back-Up Plan – $7.3 million
5.  Furry Vengeance – $6.6 million

This weekend, the remake of the classic horror Freddy Krueger film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, took the first spot with $32.9 million. This opening weekend was better than other remakes of horror classics such as Halloween (2007) and The Amityville Horror (2005). Just when we get sick of an ongoing horror franchise, they receive some sort of remake or reboot to be introduced to a new crowd. It’s unfortunate that I don’t foresee the trend to ever stop.

How to Train Your Dragon grossed $10.6 million this weekend, which was good enough for the runner up spot. It’s total domestic gross is now at $192.2 million and should certainly surpass the $200 million mark any by next week.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Date Night ($7.6 million), The Back-Up Plan ($7.3 million), and the disappointing opening for Furry Vengeance ($6.6 million).

The Summer blockbuster season really starts this weekend when Iron Man 2 crashes into a super wide release. Are you pumped?! I sure know that I am! Expect plenty of sold out shows for that.


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