Glee Reaction: “The Power of Madonna” (S01E15)

The highly anticipated episode full of Madonna tunes was full of energy, drama, and humor. It was certainly a step up from last week’s episode, “Hell-O.”

For the record, this is the first Glee episode to pay tribute to a single artist. I think the success from “The Power of Madonna” will make the writers think about penning in future episodes dedicated to another legendary and influential artist. And while I’m not much of a Madonna fan, it’s impossible to ignore the records she holds and the legacy that she left.

So what happened to our McKinley students? To prove to Rachel that his love is pure and in no way a scheme to sabotage the New Directions, Jesse decided to leave Vocal Adrenaline and enroll in McKinley High. Because of his talent, Will Shuester is more than excited about Jesse’s addition to the club. Does this bump Finn to a back-up role behind Jesse? You bet it does.

By the way, again Brittany has the funniest line in the episode when she asked if Jesse was Will Shuester’s son. Hilarious.

Anyway, this causes drama within the Glee club and Mercedes and Kurt decides to do double-duty by joining the Cheerios since they realize they’ll never have a chance to shine with Rachel and Jesse taking all the lead roles. So Mercedes and Kurt, along with the Cheerios on stilts, perform “Ray of Light.” Might I add, this was a very bizarre routine for the Cheerios and I was cringing everytime someone on stilts did a back-flip.

I thought it was a bit strange that Sue was such a huge Madonna fan and I wasn’t really buying her reason. But I guess that’s the fun, unpredictability factor that she brings every episode. But I have to say that Sue’s number performing “Vogue” was absolutely spoiled after last week’s episode.

The highlight of the episode was the triple story-line montage between Will and Emma, Santana and Finn, and Rachel and Jesse during “Like a Virgin.” Afterwards, only Santana and Finn were able to go through with it, though Finn didn’t tell Rachel that. I’m sure the word will leak out soon enough.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by this episode. The guys performing “What It Feels Like For a Girl” didn’t have much an impact and the Rachel and Finn mash-up of “Borderline” and “Open Your Heart” was a bit cheesy. And when the girls performed “Express Yourself,” I’m not sure but something was missing in it for me. The episode ended with the entire glee club singing “Like a Prayer” backed by a gospel choir and notably, Kurt and Mercedes had a solo in the song.

It will be interesting to see how long Mercedes and Kurt lasts on the Cheerios. My guess is they’ll quit rather quickly. Also, how long will it take for Sue to discover Jesse the spy? Even though his intentions and feelings seem sincere at the moment, he’s just another obstacle for the Rachel and Finn relationship that everyone is rooting for.


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