Box Office Results: ‘Dragon’ is still soaring

Studio Estimates for April 23-25:

1.  How to Train Your Dragon – $15 million
2.  The Back-Up Plan – $12.3 million
3.  Date Night – $10.6 million
4.  The Losers – $9.6 million
5.  Kick-Ass – $9.5 million


How to Train Your Dragon found its place at the top of the box office once again after it lost by a nose last weekend to Kick-Ass. Dragon grossed $15 million, which upped their total to about $178 million in 31 days. If the pace continues, Dragon has the chance of becoming DreamWorks’ highest grossing animated film that isn’t Shrek.

Runner-up this weekend was the new release of The Back-Up Plan, which starred Jennifer Lopez. There wasn’t that much anticipation for J-Lo’s first mainstream film in years as it opened to a disappointing $12.3 million.

Date Night continues to land in the middle of the box office weekends as it grossed $10.6 million to bring its total to about $63 million. The Losers opened up with $9.6 million. And rounding out the Top 5 was last week’s champion, Kick-Ass with $9.5 million.

Opening this weekend are two wide releases that are destined to take the top two spots: Furry Vengeance and A Nightmare on Elm Street.


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