Lost Reaction: “Everybody Loves Hugo” (S06E12)

I can tell you one person who would make the title of this episode untrue: me. I do not love Hugo. I’m more invested in the characters that seem to have more importance than just being the comic relief time after time again. While none of the castaways really take Hugo seriously, neither do I. Sure, he’s very likable, but when the time comes for someone to step up and make a decision, Hugo is always the one following.

Until this episode.

On the island, Ilana is immediately wiped out when a bunch of dynamite explodes in her bag. Like Ben said, when the island is done with you, it’s done with you. Meanwhile, Desmond and Flocke go for a walk that resulted in Flocke pushing Desmond down a well. WTF?

Richard leads Team Jacob to the Black Rock to retrieve explosives so they can blow up the plane to prevent MIB from leaving. But ghost-whispering Hurley talks with Michael and he tells him he shouldn’t do that. So Hurley goes ahead of everyone (I’m not sure how he pulled that off) and blows up the Black Rock full of dynamite.  Then Team Jacob is split into two squads: Richard, Ben, and Miles go look for more dynamite while Hurley, Jack, Sun, and Lapidus follow Hurley’s lead to talk to Flocke.

Meanwhile in the flash-sideways, Hurley won the lottery and isn’t cursed. He’s very generous with his donations but his mom wants to find him a girl. On a blind date, Libby sits at his table and speaks to him about their past life. Only until their picnic date on the beach does Hurley see what Libby was talking about after they kiss. Boom. Love is the answer for everyone.

At the end of the episode, Desmond viciously runs over Locke as he rolls along in his wheel-chair. Was he trying to kill him? Or did he have other motives?


It doesn’t look like we’ll ever get an explanation for why Libby was a patient in a mental hospital, but I guess I could live with that. The scenes between Hurley and Libby were sweet and the show explored the whole theme of love as the catalyst once again. Also, is there a trend brewing that all of the castaways will make their way to Jack’s hospital in the flash-sideways? Charlie and Desmond from the car, Sun got shot, now Locke got hit. C’mon everyone… Jack HAS to be Jacob’s replacement. Did you see him and MIB’s stare-down? Intense.

Final Bullet Points:

– Who’s going to be Kate’s love to trigger their memory? I assume it’ll be Jack and Sawyer will have Juliet.

– They’ve invested a lot more time in the flash-sideways story of late. I want more Jacob/MIB action! Wait, that’s the May 4th episode.

– From the preview, Desmond is alive from his nasty fall down the well. But Sayid’s pointing a gun at him, isn’t he? Trouble looms for Desmond.

– Why wasn’t Desmond afraid of Flocke?

– So we finally got the answer to what those whispers were on the island. And I didn’t really care.


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