Lost Reaction: “Happily Ever After” (S06E10)

The predictable conclusion of Episode 9, Desmond’s return to the island on Widmore’s submarine, continued in the season changing, Desmond-centric episode “Happily Ever After.” Thanks to the tenth episode of the final Lost season, I am now invested in the flash-sideways story.

Widmore wanted to run a test on Desmond, saying he should be able to survive a burst of EM energy. So when they strap him into a chamber and blast him with EM, we get thrown into his flash-sideways storyline.

In the flash-sideways, Desmond is working for Widmore and has to babysit Charlie. Charlie steers Desmond’s car into a lake and as Desmond is rescuing Charlie, he sees a flash of Charlie’s death scene when he places his hand to the window that reads “Not Penny’s boat.” Yes, this was the WHOA moment of the episode. I still have goosebumps thinking about it.

Charlie tells Desmond about the “feeling” he experienced when he saw the love of his life in the flash before he almost died. Later on, Daniel Widmore (Faraday) tells Desmond about the same “feeling” when he saw who we can assume is Charlotte, and wrote quantum physics. So Desmond meets up with Penny and then has a mission to contact people on the flight.

Back on the island, Desmond agrees to follow Widmore’s plan, until Sayid attacks the group and requests Desmond to now follow him. Desmond agrees with no complaint.


Like I said earlier, this is the turning point to the final season. This is the first time it has been presented to us that characters in the flash-sideways are remembering the other castaways. There has always been that double-take between some characters, but now things are beginning to shape up.

The conversation between Eloise and Desmond seemed very strange and important. She told him to stop looking for what he’s looking for (Penny) because he’s not ready for it. And she also mentions how he finally has the one thing he desired the most, Charles Widmore’s approval. Is that what all of the characters in the flash-sideways story are going through?

And is everything going to be connected with the power of love? That seems to be the catalyst for our castaways to remember their other life.

Final bullet points:

– Even when Faraday is a musician, he still seems to know exactly what’s going on. He suspects that he detonated a bomb to change the future when he shouldn’t have. Another WHOA moment.

– Eloise gives me the creeps. How does she seem to know about everything? How much does she know?

– If this whole thing is a love story, I doubt all of the couples will end happily. So which couple will fall apart?

– Desmond, Charlie, and Faraday felt something that made them question if they lived through another life. So we’re supposed to believe that the whole flash-sideways story happens after all the on-island stuff that is going down right now. Somehow, the island will be destroyed and bump us to the alternate universe?

– BUT, we only know of Jughead going off at the conclusion of the last season. If that’s the bomb that Faraday’s talking about, then what if the flash-sideways story happens right after the explosion. And now the characters are fighting to find their way back to the island? Am I making any sense?

Tonight will be a Hurley-centric episode. My one friend believes this might be the end of our favorite ghost-whisperer. But is his interaction with Jacob too important to kill him off? We’ll find out tonight!


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