Lost Reaction: “The Package” (S06E10)

Okay, so Sun didn’t die. I didn’t think she was going to, but those previews were damn misleading! Anyway, the Sun and Jin centered episode provided some more answers, plus one semi-shocking surprise, but all-in-all was a mediocre hour of Lost.

On the island, Flocke went face to face with Sun to try and lure her back to his camp to reunite her with Jin. But Sun didn’t trust him, which resulted in a foot-chase scene and Sun knocking herself out as she ran into a tree. She then found herself in a dilemma of selected-mutism. She forgot how to speak English, but she still understood it and could write it. Anyway, Widmore’s group captured Jin and took him to the Hydra Island. Flocke and the emotionally-dead Sayid rowed over to try and get him back. And that’s when we see not what, but WHO was in the locked door on the submarine: Desmond Hume!

In our flash-sideways story, we catch up on what happened after Jin was detained at customs and had his briefcase full of $25,000 confescated. We find out that the money was to be delivered to Keamy as his reimbursement for killing Jin. So when Jin didn’t have the money and spent the night with Sun… well one thing led to another and eventually Jin found himself locked up in the restaurant freezer. Of course, we know that Sayid went all Rambo and shot everyone at the restaurant, but Keamy wasn’t dead. Jin then shot Mikhail in the eye and ran off with a wounded Sun as she whispered to him, “I’m pregnant.”


Everyone who expected to see the reunion of Sun and Jin will have to wait a bit longer since it didn’t happen. Are the writers cruel enough to avoid a reunion all-together? I doubt it, but I feel that because they didn’t get together on the island this episode, there really wasn’t much essence that fulfilled us Lost fans.

There were a few “whoa” moments, like finding out Sun and Jin aren’t married in the flash-sideways universe. But if they’re not married, then why is Jin working for Sun’s father? That’s possibly something we’ll never find out. Oh, and the scene where Widmore hands Jin a camera with photos of his daughter and Sun… very touching.

Final Bullet Points:

 – It was awesome seeing Mikhail losing his eye in the flash-sideways.

 – Can we assume that Keamy isn’t dead and will appear later on in the flash-sideways story?

 – Should we really believe Widmore when he says he’s on the island to make sure that MIB doesn’t leave? He has to have a hidden agenda, right?

 – Jack is making himself more and more evident as the true good guy. His scene with Sun on the beach with the tomato… are you still not convinced he’s going to replace Jacob?

 – So Claire still wants to kill Kate, and it seems that Flocke has given her the “okay” to do so once he gathers all the candidates in his presence. Watch out!

 – Who else was bothered by the stupid “V” countdown in the corner of the screen?

 – I hope Sun doesn’t have to immitate Dwayne from Little Miss Sunshine too much longer. I attempted the task at a Halloween party and I was only able to write my thoughts for about ten minutes.

So now that Desmond’s back… what happened with Penny and baby Charlie? Hopefully we get the answer to that in tonight’s Desmond-centered episode.


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