Lost Reaction: “Ab Aeterno” (S06E09)

This episode really sheds some light on things, but at the same time it raises a million questions. So what happened? To quickly summarize, the episode centered on Richard and his past life. He was a field worker, who killed a Doctor to help his wife but it was in vain. He gets bought as a slave and then the boat he is on crashes on the island and MIB convinces him to try to kill Jacob. He fails and Jacob grants him eternal life.

Now let’s get to the meaty part of the episode. Jacob and MIB are on a hill looking over a valley. Jacob points out that Richard tried to kill him. MIB asks if Jacob wants an apology. Jacob says no, he was just wondering why. MIB says he wants to leave, but Jacob says as long as he’s alive, MIB is not going anywhere. Then MIB says he will kill Jacob. Jacob says if he does, someone else will take his place. Then MIB will kill that person, too. Jacob gives him the wine bottle and says it’s something for him to pass the time. MIB says he’ll be seeing Jacob… sooner than he thinks — and smashes the bottle into pieces.

I got goose bumps watching this scene. To me this scene in a nutshell summarizes the whole show of lost. Good vs. Evil, only you don’t know who’s good and who’s evil. Up until this episode it seemed clear that Jacob was good, but Jacob kind of made himself sound evil when he was on the beach talking to Richard and said that he keeps bringing people to the island to die in hope someone wont be corrupted, yet he doesn’t interfere to save their lives. He willingly knows he is causing tons of people’s deaths and chalks it up to them being corrupted. To me that’s pretty evil…still maybe it has been so the true evil can stay locked up on the island. Maybe he brings these people here to occupy MIB with a game of sorts. MIB wants off the island, and will do everything in his power to leave. But maybe he can’t ever leave…and Jacob is just letting him think that to keep him in check.

Jacob has always seemed ahead of the game.  The only time he ever seemed surprised was when Richard told him that MIB wanted Richard to kill Jacob. I find this interesting that it came as a surprise to Jacob.  How could he not see that coming? What happened between then and now that MIB lost his human form and had to choose another body? Now that MIB succeeded in killing Jacob, who will take Jacobs place? If MIB kills that person too, will it make a difference? Can MIB get off the island? What will happen if he does?

Tonight’s episode of Lost will center on Jin and Sun and their quest to be reunited. But didn’t the previews show Sun dead?! We’re in for a doozy tonight.

– Sheehan


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