Lost Reaction: “Recon” (S06E08)

A question kept popping up among the small group that I watch Lost with:  Where the hell has Sawyer been?  Well finally, we got a James-centric episode that showed him shirtless for half of the time (ladies screaming here).

In the flash-sideways storyline, James Ford is using his old tricks and cons for a good cause. He’s conning cons for the police! Detective Ford does have a nice ring to it, right? I guess you could say he’s the Dexter of conmen (I’ve never watched an episode of Dexter, so I could be completely off here).  Anyway, his partner is Miles and he sets Ford up on a date with a friend who happens to be Charlotte. They hit things off, but after she discovers a folder in his drawer marked “Sawyer,” it hit a nerve with Ford and he kicks her out of the apartment.

Even though Ford is a detective, in the flash-sideways he still has the same past: His father murdered his mother and killed himself because of a con man. Ford confesses to Miles that he’s looking for him and intends to hunt him down and kill him.

On the island, Sawyer and Kate are reunited. Also, Claire tries to kill Kate while Sayid just sits and watches. Flocke rescues Kate and admits that he had a a crazy mother and understands how difficult the situation is for Aaron, hinting that Kate would be better off raising him.

Sawyer then is sent by Flocke to investigate Charles Widmore’s people. Like typical Sawyer, he strikes deals with both sides so he’s able to choose which benefits him most. He tells Widmore he’ll convince Flocke to sail over so Widmore’s people can jump him. Meanwhile, Sawyer tells Flocke what he told Widmore and suggests they plan an pre-emptive strike against them.


The episode certainly moved along the plot as there seems to be a showdown between Flocke’s people and Widmore’s people very soon. Also, the flash-sideways storyline of James Ford was probably the best of the season so far. This was a flash-sideways that ended with a small cliffhanger as Ford captures the fugitive Kate. But as expected, all of our Lost islanders are making contact with each other off the island.

Final Bullet Points:

– James and Miles has become the best duo on the show. Ever since they teamed up with the Dharma, their chemistry has certainly been something to talk about.

– What the hell could be behind that locked door in the submarine???

– Although I’m now on Jack’s side in every way, I don’t expect the love-triangle to break down for him and Kate. There’s just something about Sawyer and Kate that keeps pulling them together.

– So who is Smokey’s “crazy” mother? Is it important? Are we ever going to find out?

– There’s a lot of talk about “who’s the good guy?” I can’t imagine Jacob and Jack not being the good guys, but hey.. I’ve been wrong most of the time during this show.

I just want to say how I haven’t been this excited for a Lost episode in a really long time. Tonight’s episode will be centered around the mystery-man, Richard! Tonight, may all of our minds be blown.


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