Box Office Predictions (March 19-21)

While Alice in Wonderland continues to pack the theaters, there are three new releases this weekend that will try to dethrone the 3-D adventure.

First, The Bounty Hunter starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. This PG-13 rated sexy, romantic-comedy should probably be the best bet of the weekend who could overtake the #1 spot from Alice in Wonderland. Personally, I’m not interested in this film at all, but this rom-com has a wide appeal to adults and the PG-13 rating will allow teenage couples to attend as well.

Next is Repo Men, a sci-fi thriller starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker. The reviews aren’t that good and its R-rating will limit the audience. Don’t expect this movie to break any box office records.

Finally, the PG-rated adaptation Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the last of the new releases for the weekend. It’ll be tough for this film to compete against the family appealing giant that is Alice in Wonderland, but I think there’s decent potential for Diary of a Wimpy Kid to make a splash in the box office.

Here are my predictions:

1.  Alice in Wonderland – $35 million
2.  The Bounty Hunter – $22 million
3.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid – $19 million
4.  Repo Men – $11 million
5.  Green Zone – $7 million


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