Lost Reaction: “Dr. Linus” (S06E07)

I look forward to every episode of Lost, but I was particularly excited about the seventh episode of the season.  First, because the Sayid episode was so awesome! Second, because “Dr. Linus” centered around one of my favorite characters, Ben.

On the island, Ilana finds out from Miles that Ben was the one who killed Jacob. She intends to seek revenge by killing him, but first he has to dig his own grave. Meanwhile, Jack wants to go back to the Temple, but him and Hurley run into Richard who takes them on a detour. Back to Ben, the power of Flocke frees Ben from his shackles. Flocke tells Ben to kill Ilana and then join him and the rest of his gang. Ben does so according to plan, but instead of killing Ilana, he explains that he knows the hurt she feels for losing Jacob, who was like a father to her. In the end, Ben rejoins the castaways on the beach as Jack, Hurley, and Richard join them as well.

In 2004, Ben is a high school teacher who has the idea to become principal. His favorite student is Alex. She wants to get into Yale but is afraid her grades won’t be enough. She spills the beans to Dr. Linus of an affair the principal was having with the nurse. Ben uses this to blackmail the principal for his job. The principal turns it around by saying if he loses his job, Alex won’t get the recommendation letter to get into Yale. In the end, Ben does good for Alex.


Even though this was an episode based on Ben, Jack had the most explosive scene.  While Richard took Jack and Hurley to the Black Rock, he wanted Jack to kill him by blowing him up. Richard explains that Jacob gave him an ability where he couldn’t die. But Jack finally understands that his existence has a higher meaning. Even though he’s not sure of it yet, he knows that he’s on the island for a reason. And so he tempts Richard by lighting the dynamite, telling him that he’s not going to die… and he was right.

Final Bullet Points:

– Ben seeks retribution in the flash-sideways by doing right by Alex.  If you didn’t already, this episode was meant for you to finally like Ben.

– I am totally on Team Jacob/Jack now. With Jack, Hurley, Ben, Sun, and Lapidus, these are definitely the good guys and we must root them on to the end!

– Oh, so Charles Widmore is on a submarine towards the island.  I sort of forgot about him.  Is he really that important anymore?

– Michael Emerson is probably the best actor on the show.

– Even though this episode wasn’t as exciting as “Sundown,” it was very important by moving the storyline forward.

– I wonder where Sawyer is going to end up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t pick a team at all and just goes rogue. Oh, and since next episode will center around Sawyer, who thinks we’re going to see Juliet tonight?


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