Box Office Results: Alice still on top

Studio Estimates for March 12-14:

1.  Alice in Wonderland – $62 million
2.  Green Zone – $14.5 million
3.  She’s Out of My League – $9.6 million
4.  Remember Me – $8.3 million
5.  Shutter Island – $8.1 million

The Burton and Depp collaboration in Alice in Wonderland still packed the theaters this weekend, landing it its second straight weekend top of the box office with $62 million.  In ten days, the movie has grossed about $208 million.  70 percent of the total gross has come from 3-D screenings.

In a distant second place was Paul Greengrass’ war/thriller, Green Zone, starring Matt Damon with $14.5 million.  Even the director-actor collaboration from the Bourne films couldn’t give Green Zone good reviews nor a solid box office result.  With about a $100 million budget, this film looks to be a disappointment.

In third place was the R-rated comedy, She’s Out of My League with $9.6 million.  This movie didn’t look appealing to me at all and apparently there were a lot of other people who thought the same.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson outside of the Twilight franchise.  The film grossed $8.3 million.  To no surprise, 84 percent of the audience were female.  Basically, only die-hard Pattinson fans went to see this film.  And in the fifth spot was Shutter Island with $8.1 million, giving the film’s total gross over $100 million.


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