Lost Reaction: “Sundown” (S06E06)

Last week on Lost some crazy stuff went down. To summarize, Fake Locke along with Claire and Jin started making their way to the Temple. While at the Temple, Sayid fought it out with Dogen only to be kicked out of the Temple and almost immediately let back in. Dogen then gives a knife to Sayid and tells him, “you must stab him(Fake Locke) in the heart. If he speaks it’s already to late.” So Sayid stabs Locke after he said hello to Sayid. Then Fake Locke promises Sayid anything he wants if he delivers a message to the Temple Others. So he does that, and later at night Smokey comes in kills everyone except a few. The episode ends with Sayid walking toward Fake Locke with a possessed look in his eyes. Oh and he killed Dogen and Lennon as well. 

I’m not so sure if Sayid is completely evil, but I think he may realize how powerful Fake Locke really is and to save himself and the ones he loves, he must go along with Fake Lock for now. It’s also possible that because Fake Locke spoke before Sayid stabbed him, that it didn’t work. Or that Dogen really just wanted Sayid dead and thought Locke would do it.  Or maybe Sayid got possessed just like Claire. 

At the very end of the episode, we see Locke’s group ready and waiting to take over. My guess is that they are preparing for a fight of sorts. Somehow a fight to leave the island. They may have to face God, or just some higher power that controls the destiny of the island. But going back to what was said in the season finale last year…Jacob told MIB(who’s now Fake Locke) that people will prove him wrong and not always end up destroying themselves. And I think finally we will get to see Jacobs idea realized, which is why this show started out with these group of individuals and not the black rock people or the Dharma people…because they all destroyed themselves. But our heroes on the island haven’t quite yet.  Will we get to see them save themselves and prove Locke wrong? At least that’s what I think.

 – Sheehan


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