The 82nd Academy Awards: My Predictions

Hey everyone’s doing the whole “Who will win, who should win” formula… so I will too!  Let’s get to it!

Best Picture

Who Will Win:  The big award of the night will either go to slightly favorite The Hurt Locker, insanely popular Avatar, or the hilarious and entertaining darkhouse, Inglourious Basterds.  Although I am VERY uneasy at The Hurt Locker’s chances, I’m still going to go with my gut and the safe choice by saying The Hurt Locker will win.

Who Should WinThe Hurt Locker.  It’s the only film from the ten nominees that really leaves you with a lingering effect.  Last night I watched Inglourious Basterds and enjoyed it just as much as I did when I watched it the first time.  It’s an awesome, cool movie.  Very entertaining.  But then right after (at 1 a.m.) I watched The Hurt Locker and I was simply in awe.  This was the third time watching the film and it only gets better.  There’s no doubt that The Hurt Locker is the best film of the year… now will The Academy award the best film?  Or will they give it to a film more popular like Avatar or Inglourious Basterds?

Best Director

Who Will/Should WinKathryn Bigelow.  This will be the first time a female director walks away with this award and Bigelow deserves it.  Sure, Avatar was visually stunning and Basterds was witty… but The Hurt Locker is on its own level.  The small cast of characters in the film are all brought to life.  The guerilla style camera-work gave the film its gritty, documentary feel.  It’s the closest film to perfection from any film in 2009 and Bigelow should be awarded for the accomplishment.

Best Lead Actor

Who Will/Should Win:  Jeff Bridges.  Unless there’s a unanimous sweep for The Hurt Locker and Jeremy Renner steals this award (which I would honestly be fine with).  But Bridges has done his time and he is a great, established actor who was excellent in Crazy Heart.

Best Lead Actress

Who Will Win:  Sandra Bullock.  It was clear in my mind once The Blind Side recieved a Best Picture nomination that The Academy really loves that movie.  On top of Bullock being a fan favorite wherever she goes, this is hers to lose.

Who Should Win:  Carey Mulligan.  She’s a very talented and young actress who was the star in An Education.  She’s a lot more than just a pretty face invading Hollywood.  She has personality and subtle strengths that makes her one of the best up-and-coming actresses.  I look forward to when she’s back in this category for years to come.

Best Supporting Actor

Who Will/Should Win:  Christoph Waltz.  If you have seen Inglourious Basterds, then you know that this man deserves this award.  He steals every single scene and gives his menacing villain a lot of layers.  I hope he stays in the States for more films instead of continuing his legacy in German cinema.

Best Supporting Actress

Who Will/Should Win:  Mo’Nique.  A prediction that I thought I would NEVER make in my lifetime.  But yes, Mo’Nique was stunning in Precious and she deserves this golden statue, and she will get it.

Best Original Screenplay

Who Will/Should Win:  Quentin Tarantino – Inglourious Basterds.  This is probably the tightest race of the evening.  Between The Hurt Locker and Inglourious Basterds, it’s basically a coin-flip to determine who’s going to win.  I feel that since The Academy will be awarding The Hurt Locker with two of the biggest awards of the night, Tarantino will get his due in this writing category.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Who Will/Should Win:  Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner – Up in the Air.  It’s not easy taking a pretty serious and dismal occupation and bringing out so much charm, humor, and romance in a movie.  It all starts with the screenplay and Up in the Air was one of the best.

Best Animated Feature

Who Will/Should Win:  Up.  It was nominated for Best Picture.  No other animated films were.  That should be enough reason for it to win.  Plus, it’s a Pixar film.  Seriously, when has a Pixar film done you wrong?

The rest of my predictions are listed below:

Best Foreign Film:  The White Ribbon
Best Documentary Feature:  The Cove
Best Original Score:  “Up” – Michael Giacchino
Best Orignal Song:  “The Weary Kind” – Crazy Heart
Best Cinematography – The Hurt Locker
Best Costume Design:  The Young Victoria
Best Art Direction:  Avatar
Best Makeup:  Star Trek
Best Sound Mixing:  The Hurt Locker
Best Sound Editing:  Avatar
Best Film Editing:  The Hurt Locker
Best Visual Effects:  Avatar


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