Dear Oscars: Don’t Piss Me Off

To me, I don’t care if The Academy Awards gets ratings or not.  The following are a few things that I hope don’t happen during the telecast… or else I’m not going to be a happy camper:

1.  No sweep for The Hurt Locker.  Although I believe that The Hurt Locker was the best film of the year, I don’t think it deserves to sweep all of the categories it was nominated for.  Jeff Bridges should win the Best Lead Actor award over Jeremy Renner.  The score for Up was far superior than the score in The Hurt Locker.  And the sound categories should probably go to Avatar.

2.  No sweep for Avatar.  Although The Hurt Locker are favorites, there’s no doubt that the power of Avatar could easily overwhelm the Academy during these awards.  It’s expected to win most/all of the technical categories, but can it actually take Best Director from Bigelow and Best Picture?  As much as I don’t want to see it happen, it’s a very good possibility.

3.  No sweep for Inglourious Basterds.  Okay, this one is a stretch, but I’m basically against any kind of sweeps and since Basterds has a total of 8 nominations, it’s possible.  If things go as expected, Basterds will win the Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor awards, which imo is just about right for this highly entertaining film.

4.  A few surprises, but no BIG shockers.  This pertains to any awards outside of the Big Eight.  So if The Hurt Locker upsets Avatar in Cinematography, or if The Cove doesn’t win Best Documentary, or if Inglourious Basterds beats out Avatar and The Hurt Locker for Best Editing, that will be okay.  I will NOT be okay with Precious winning Best Picture or Up in the Air losing Best Adapted Screenplay.  That will make me upset.

5.  The few awards that I’m really rooting better not lose.  This includes:  “Up” for Best Animated Feature, Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor, Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director, and The Hurt Locker for Best Editing.  I would say The Hurt Locker for Best Picture, but I’m trying to lower my expectations because I have this very uneasy feeling it’s not going to win.

6.  Cut off the speeches for the smaller categories.  No one knows or cares about who wins Best Live Short or Best Costume Design… or Sound Mixing and Sound Editing (what the hell is the difference anyway?)  But because they’re thrown in the beginning of the ceremony, they’re usually allowed to speak for what seems like an eternity.  And then when it comes down to the big awards, they’re cut off.  I think there’s something wrote with that, don’t you?

So basically, I don’t want there to be any sweeps.  I want The Hurt Locker to win 5 Oscars including Best Picture, Director, and Editing.  Avatar can win it’s 4 Oscars for Sound, Visual Effects, and Cinematography.  I want Up to win Best Animated Feature and Original Score.  And Basterds should get Supporting Actor and Original Screenplay.  Is all of this too much to ask?


One Response to Dear Oscars: Don’t Piss Me Off

  1. dtrain says:

    Yes. Ur asking for too much :-)

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