Lost Reaction: “Lighthouse” (S06E05)

Last week’s episode centered around Locke.  The past episode’s centric character was Jack.  There are a lot of people who have expressed their dislike towards Jack, but I still think he’s one of the strongest characters on the show since Day 1.

During the flash-sideways story, they still can’t find Christian Shephard’s body.  When Jacks mother reads Christian’s will, she questions who Claire Littleton is.  I guess she’s still connected in this alt-universe.  Also, Jack has a son!  His name is David and he’s an incredible pianist, but his relationship with Jack could use some mending.

Something worth noting:  Jack seemed puzzled when he saw the appendix scar on him.  He didn’t remember where it came from but his mom told him he had it removed when he was young.  Also, Jack refuses a drink at his mother’s place and she says “good for you,” hinting that Jack might be recovering from a drinking problem.

On the island, we see what Claire has been up to.  She’s been living in the jungle, moving around searching for Aaron whom she believes the Others have taken.  She helps Jin’s wounded leg and ruthlessly kills the helpess Other.  Her and Jin agree to go back to the Temple to retrieve her child.  Then we’re introduced to Claire’s “friend” and find out it’s Fake Locke.

And finally, Hurley’s talking to Jacob again and like before, Jacob’s controlling Hurley like a mannequin.  So Hurley brings Jack to the Lighthouse, which is nearby the caves.  Jack is frustrated when he realizes Jacob has been watching and recruiting him for a long time.  He cools off by smashing the mirrors in the Lighthouse and then staring out into the ocean.  It’s noted that Jacob needs Jack for something very important.  But what?

Bear with me as I list off a few notes/questions/ideas:

 – We still don’t know where Christian is.  What the hell happened to his casket/body?

 – Who did Jack have a baby with?  Is it someone we know or have seen before?

 – What would’ve happened if Hurley turned the wheel to 108 degrees?! (the sum of those freakin’ numbers)

 – Cruising the net, it’s shown that on the 108 notch reads the name Wallace.  Wtf?

 – It’s also noteworthy to mention this final season is following the course of the first season:  Opening with a group episode, then concentrating on the core characters in the order of Kate, Locke, and Jack.

 – When Hurley pisses off Dogen telling him that he can do whatever he wants because he’s a candidate, Dogen’s Japanese rant translates to, “You are lucky that you are protected. Because if you were not protected, I would cut your head off.” (from Lostpedia)

Conclusion:  I really enjoy the character of Jack.  From the first scenes of this show, you know that Jack was going to be one of the most important characters.  During this final season, Jack’s still around and he’s making a major impact in the storyline.  He’s being shown as the hero facing great obstacles and adversity and has to find it within himself to overcome these things to come out on top.  I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting with all my might for Jack.

Let’s see what happens in tonight’s episode?  What’s going to happen when Fake Locke arrives at the Temple?


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