Lost Reaction: “The Substitute” (S06E04)

This was an episode filled with questions and thankfully we get some answers, but before I jump into that let’s recap. This episode was about Locke, all three incarnations that is. Locke number one got buried. Locke number two went on a hike and convinced Sawyer to join him in trying to get off the island. Locke number three got fired and is now teaching with Ben at a high school. Locke two, and Sawyer also saw a little boy who told Locke, “You cant kill him, you know the rules” to which Locke answered, “Don’t tell me what I cant do.”

Ok now that the summary is out of the way, let’s bite into this juicy sandwich. I’ll start with the biggest reveal in the episode. Locke two takes Sawyer to some tiny cave on the side of the island. In this cave we see a list of names on the wall written in white chalk. This is Jacobs’s list. The names that aren’t crossed out are, Locke (during the scene his name gets crossed out because he is actually dead) Jack, Hugo, Sawyer, Sayid, and Kwon. Kwon is either Jin or Sun…we are not entirely sure yet.  The numbers, which are next to the names, are the same numbers Hurley won the lottery with and the same numbers from the hatch. It is cool to find out that each one of the numbers were correlated to a character on the show, but interesting enough, Kate didn’t seem to have a number (Unless she is supposed to be married to Jack and have his last name.  That’s just a theory I have that both Jack and Kate and Jin and Sun are meant to be together and hence are both under one number).

In the episode, Locke and Sawyer see a boy, which looks awfully like a young Jacob. But what does he mean when the boy said, “You can’t kill him, you know the rules”? I think he’s talking about Jacob and the fact that MIB can not actually kill him, even though his body has been disposed of his spirit is still alive on the island. Or maybe the boy is talking about Sawyer, but to me that just doesn’t make much sense. Sawyer can definitely die and the proof is the fact that Locke is dead. If Locke, a person who is associated with a number, can die then I would imagine so can Sawyer. Also, the fact that Sayid died reinforces my thoughts (Even if he was brought back to life). A side note about Sawyer, maybe he will get to see 2004 Juliet and fall in love with her. I think that would be cool.

So there are some really interesting things going on and I cannot predict what’s going to happen next. The one thing I can be sure of is that we haven’t seen the last of Jacob. I can’t wait for the next episode!

– Sheehan


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