Lost Reaction: “What Kate Does” (S06E03)

For the record, I just want to say that Kate annoys the hell out of me.  So when this past week’s episode was based around her character, you can assume I wasn’t too thrilled.  To me, her character has lost purpose on the show.  She keeps on making annoying and rash decisions and doesn’t know what to do after.

In the episode we follow Kate in both storylines.

2007: After Sawyer steals a gun and heads out into the forest, Kate decides she’s going to follow him while Jin and some random guys from the Temple Others (one of which is from the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). So Kate runs out after Sawyer and along the path they come across some odd looking Rousseau traps which Kate then uses to knock out her Others escorts. Kate then admits to Jin she doesn’t plan to bring Sawyer back with her like the Others demanded.  Jin gets pissed and walks back to The Temple. Kate finally tracks down Sawyer and finds him as he’s opening up a box that contains a ring in it. Kate realizes that she’s done the wrong thing by coming for him and on the dock, Sawyer confesses he was going to propose to Juliet. This pretty much leaves Kate and Sawyer ready to return to the group (or so I assume).

2004: Kate steals a cab with Claire in it.  Something interesting to take note of is when the cab was stopped at a red light: Kate glances and sees Jack.  You can tell from Kate’s expression that she recognizes him.  She’s not sure from when or where, but she knew him from somewhere.  Kate then crashes an auto body shop and gets the cuffs taken off her.  As she was changing clothes there, she opens Claire’s bags and realizes she was pregnant.  The bag was full of baby accessories including a plush Shamu doll.  Afterwards she somehow finds Claire waiting at a bus stop.  Claire confesses that she was heading towards a couple who were going to adopt her child.  When Kate and Claire arrive at the house, a stressed woman tells Claire that her husband left her and they won’t be adopting anymore.  And then Clair goes into labor.  Kate takes her into the hospital where Claire decides to hold off the delivery of her baby, Aaron.

The flash-sideways story is really interesting because it answers a lot of questions we didn’t even ask. For example, what would happen to Art if he didn’t land on the island, or what happens to Ethan if he never goes to the island (apparently he still becomes a doctor).

Some other interesting things about the episode worth noting are: Sayid is apparently “infected” or “claimed” and Dogen (the Japanese guy who leads the Others) tries to convince Jack to give Sayid a pill, which turns out to be poison.

Jin stops for a drink when the Henchies find him and then are shot and killed by WHO!? That’s right!  It’s Claire! She looks just like Rousseau for some reason.

So what do I think? I wish I had a freaking idea…but I really don’t. All I know is they keep making more questions for us. Why did Dogen try to poison Sayid?  Is Sayid bad? Where the hell is “Locke”?  Hopefully we will get more answers next week on Lost.

– Sheehan


One Response to Lost Reaction: “What Kate Does” (S06E03)

  1. familyforest says:

    Never really felt we got any definite answers with the finale of Lost but here are some for this Kate:

    Kate Middleton’s Other Famous Relatives:


    Maybe they will be invited to the wedding?

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