Box Office Results: ‘Dear John’ dethrones the mighty ‘Avatar’

Studio Estimates for Feb. 5-7:

1.  Dear John – $32.4 million
2.  Avatar – $23.6 million
3.  From Paris With Love – $8.1 million
4.  Edge of Darkness – $7 million
5.  Tooth Fairy – $6.5 million

And the numbers are in… Avatar lands the runner-up spot this weekend at the box office!  Not that $23.6 million isn’t still insanely impressive for a film’s 8th weekend, but it has finally been defeated.  What film had the strength and power to take down the unstoppable Avatar?

Dear John.  Yup, the Nicholas Sparks romantic-tearfest cashed in $32.4 million this weekend, giving it the title of the #1 movie in America.

Although my prediction for Avatar was on the money, Dear John really surprised me by nearly doubling my prediction.  The rest of the Top 5 were From Paris with Love ($8.1 million), Edge of Darkness ($7 million), and Tooth Fairy ($6.5 million).

Check back on Friday for some brand new predictions when three new films hit the theaters:  Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Valentine’s Day, and The Wolfman.


One Response to Box Office Results: ‘Dear John’ dethrones the mighty ‘Avatar’

  1. Olive says:

    Hi there, like your blog! Finally, Avatar has been knocked off the number one spot, I thought it would never happen:) Olive

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