Lost Reaction: “LA X” (S06E01)

“It worked”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am back in action and ready to spit off some crazy ramblings once again about the BEST show on television! So let’s get to it!

When we last left our lost-ites, half were in 1977 and half were in 2007. The premiere opens up rehashing the last things we saw from the fifth season finale:  a bright flash of light and then…WHAT DO WE SEE?  Jack waking up on the plane!!  It’s the year 2004 and it looks as if the plane is on course and not going to crash. But we know something’s different because we see all sorts of abnormalities compared to what we knew happened from the first season. To list a few: The flight attendant only gives one bottle of alcohol to Jack, Rose and Jack’s hair are both different, Shannon isn’t on he plane, Desmond is, Charlie almost chokes in the bathroom and the island is under water.

Also, it seems that we have two parallel universes happening at the same time. One in 2004 and one in 2007.  So far, there’s no link between the two.  Aside from the same characters, they’re going on in completely different paths and in the 2004 time, they have no memories of events that have happened before.

Moving forward, we find out that Juliet is alive and trapped under a heap of metal.  But the surprise that she was alive only lasts for a few minutes until she tragically dies in Sawyer’s arms. Jacob appears, after he’s dead, to Hurley and tells him how to “save” Sayid. So they take Sayid to the Temple, get captured by the guardians on the Temple and they try to save Sayid, but to no avail. Until after he’s been dead for a while, he wakes up again! WTF!? Theories of him now being Jacob are swirling in my head, but nothing can be certain yet.

With 2 hours of Lost there is way too much to talk about, therefore I will highlight two main thoughts. First is about “Locke” or MIB (Man in Black) as some call him.  Just like I had suspected, we now know for sure that MIB is the smoke monster. When he gets shot at/angry he can turn into the smoke monster and kill at will. The monster has one weakness apparently the black sand can keep him from entering/killing. What MIB is planning is unclear but we do know that he’s probably going after the Temple.  For what reason, again it’s unclear.  Maybe it’s to get at that water supply in the middle of the Temple, which I can only assume is basically the fountain of life.

Secondly, what is the deal with the Temple people? This group of misfits that is dressed like hippies are stationed behind the Temple wall. They are clearly trying to protect this area for some reason and they worked for/had an alliance with Jacob. Their leader is a man who hates speaking English so he has a guy who looks like Lennon translate for him. When they found out Jacob was dead they shot out a flare to warn somebody, I’m thinking it was Richard but the warning was too late because MIB karate chopped the crap out of him. So I would imagine that MIB is going straight to the Temple, but your guess is as good as mine.  Hopefully some of these questions get answered in the next episode of Lost, titled “What Kate Does.”

– Sheehan


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