Box Office Predictions (Jan. 29-31)

All right, so Avatar has finally done it.  It is now the number one movie of all time in worldwide gross.  Okay, so that’s over with, let’s check out the two new releases this weekend.

First and foremost is the action/thriller, Edge of Darkness, starring Mel Gibson as a detective investigating and avenging the death of his daughter.  This is a complete filler during the bye-week for guys who need to find something to watch.  With an R-rating, this movie won’t be smashing any box office records, but is probably the movie with the best shot to dethrone Avatar from its continuous number one ranking.

For those looking for a light romantic comedy, there is a movie called When in Rome starring the lovely Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel.  The two leads aren’t particularly known, which might hurt its box office totals, but the genre will be the go-to date movie of the weekend.

So can any movie beat out Avatar this weekend?  Here are my predictions:

1.  Avatar – $27 million
2.  Edge of Darkness – $19 million
3.  The Book of Eli – $10 million
4.  When in Rome – $8 million
5.  Tooth Fairy – $7 million


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