Box Office Predictions (Jan. 22-24)

There are three new releases this weekend, all of separate genres to keep the variety in the multiplexes.  But can any of these films topple over the juggernaut of Avatar?  It’s doubtful.

After the success of The Book of Eli, another apolcalyptic thriller hits the theaters, Legion.  This R-rated film will be the cup of tea for those action/horror fanatics.  What Legion is lacking in is the star-power from its cast.  Because of this, don’t expect Legion to have a huge dent in the box office.

Guess what?  The Rock, I mean Dwayne Johnson, is in another kid-friendly Disney movie!  Yeah, I’m not surprised either.  In The Tooth Fairy, he plays… well a tooth fairy.  This is the family film of the weekend and has potential of doing some damage against the action films.

Finally, there’s Extraordinary Measures, which is the debut release from CBS Films.  Yes, that’s why you saw a dozen commercials for this film while watching How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory (or was that just me?).  Starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, this looks to be a very heart-felt film shading a Lifetime movie.  To be fair, I said the same thing about The Blind Side, so who knows.

Here are my predictions:

1.  Avatar – $35 million
2.  The Tooth Fairy – $22 million
3.  The Book of Eli – $17 million
4.  Legion – $14 million
5.  The Lovely Bones – $9 million


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