Avatar for Best Picture?

Hypothetically speaking… let’s say that from now and when the Oscars are being voted upon, if Avatar surpasses Titanic as the highest grossing movie of all-time, do you think it will win Best Picture by default?

This will be a true test to see whether or not the Academy will vote for the huge blockbuster (Avatar) against smaller but better films (The Hurt Locker, Up in the Air).  But just by looking at the numbers, is it really fair to compare a juggernaut like Avatar that has grossed over $1 BILLION worldwide in only three weeks with one of the most brilliant war films, The Hurt Locker, that only grossed about $12.6 million (if it wins Best Picture, it’ll become the lowest grossing Best Picture winner of all-time).

I think it’s an interesting thought, nonetheless.  But all that glitz and glamour in Avatar doesn’t exist with the majority of the other soon-to-be Best Picture nominees.  Avatar is epic and one of the most expensive movies to make.  But is that what the Academy should award?

There was a great outcry when The Dark Knight got snubbed last year.  We all know Avatar will be nominated since there are 10 nominees this year… will the public be satisfied with only that?  Or will the same outcry be heard if Avatar loses to a movie that no one has seen?  Perhaps, this Academy vs. public is just a topic that will never end.

In my early opinion, I feel that Avatar has a very good shot at winning Best Picture, but I don’t think it’ll win the big award.  The Hurt Locker has a very good shot as well and in some people’s view it is the front-runner.  I think The Hurt Locker is simply too small to win.  Plus, I really believe that The Hurt Locker will get its recognition with the Best Director award going to Kathryn Bigelow, the film’s director.   In this case, it’ll be the first time a female director has ever won the award.  That is a huge accomplishment and will be enough for the Academy.  Which leaves Up in the Air, a small and intelligent but mainstream and timely film, to swoop in and win the Best Picture award.

What do you think?


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