Album Review: “Raditude” by Weezer

Weezer – “Raditude”

Raditude?  More like Bad-itude.

– Review by Michael Vivenzio

Grade:  C+

I tried guys, I really did. I tried as much as I did with Maladroit, as much as I did with the Red Album. I even tried as much as I did with Make Believe so you know I tried hard. However, no matter how hard I try, no matter how many chances I give them, I have given up on my former favorite band. Weezer; just tell me why? I just don’t understand how a band can fall so far. The Blue Album is my favorite album of all time, Pinkerton falls somewhere in my top 10 as well. Green Album, eh, it’s alright. But what happened to this band?

Sometime after Rivers mental collapse and Pinkerton’s commercial failure the band shifted gears. At first it was noticeable but it was bearable. “Buddy Holly” was replaced by “Hash-Pipe”, “Say It Ain’t So” was exchanged for “Island in the Sun”, “Holiday” for “Crab”. I was fine with that; you can’t expect greatness from a band every album but it was a worthy effort. Then came “Beverly Hills” and video’s with puppets and “Weeze” and fans from their “Tired of Sex” days were left confused, some even a little hurt. Honestly if it’s a joke, if these last four albums have just been a prank, a horrible sadistic way to get back at their fans for not accepting Pinkerton then i’ll accept it. Weezer deliberately making bad music now and depriving their fans for not supporting them when they put out their most personal album in some crazy way makes sense to me. A collaboration with Lil’ Wayne doesn’t.

Enough bashing Weezer, the reason you read these reviews is cause you want to know what the reviewer thinks of the album right? I thought it was okay. Take Weezer’s name off the album and i’ll even say I kind of liked it. It’s really catchy, the melodies get stuck in your head, it’s simple pop music. It’s just not a Weezer album. The first song on the album is its strong point. “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)” is simple, it has a really catchy chorus, the lyrics aren’t too absurd, and it will get stuck in your head and you’ll be humming it for hours. It is probably their strongest single in years.

After the first track it starts to go down-hill. “I’m Your Daddy” features those ‘great’ Weezer lyric’s you’ve grown to expect from the band in recent years such as “I’d like to give you a demonstration of what it is I do, I’ll take you out to dinner at Palermo’s we’ll split a cheese fondu”. Wow, what a guy! “The Girl Got Hot” isn’t pulling any punches with the title, it’s about an ugly girl who changed her look and now she’s hot. Note to Weezer: Before writing your next album make sure you remove all copies of “She’s All That” from your studio to avoid writing another song like this.

“Tripping Down the Freeway” is pretty good. Not great Weezer but definitely Green Album worthy, I’ll take it. “Love is the Answer” – I have no words for this song, only letters. WTF? “Let it All Hang Out” again is alright, I can do without the product placement and the Jay-Z references (Nothing against you Hov, you da shit) but aside from that it’s a pretty good pop song. “In the Mall” is my guilty pleasure on this album; the song is completely ridiculous but it still rocks. I’d be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that the instant that guitar starts up on this song I don’t get a little pumped up.

“Put Me Back Together” is one of the better songs on the album but I can’t tell if I feel that way because I think the song is genuinely good or because it’s the song that forces “Can’t Stop Partying” to end. But it makes me realize the thing about the “new” Weezer that I don’t like. Weezer is meant to be a sad band; anyone who has ever listened to “Butterfly” will agree with that. All of Pinkerton and even some of the songs on Blue are pretty depressing. More importantly they weren’t trying to come off as something they weren’t, they were just Weezer songs. I feel like they are just trying too hard to reinvent themselves as a “cool” poppy party band when they were already in my opinion a cool poppy party band. Stop singing songs about Patron and taking girls on dates to Best Buy, I liked you a lot more when you sang about Pink Triangles and forbidden love affairs with underage Japanese girls. Get back to your roots.

Recommended listening:
Ozma – Rock and Roll Part Three. It’s the third best album Weezer ever wrote…they just didn’t write it. If you are yearning for the past as much as I am this album will get you through the day.


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