Box Office Results: ‘The Blind Side’ dethrones ‘New Moon’

Studio Estimates for Dec. 4-6:

1.  The Blind Side – $20.4 million
2.  New Moon – $15.7 million
3.  Brothers – $9.7 million
4.  A Christmas Carol – $7.5 million
5.  Old Dogs – $6.9 million

6.  Armored – $6.6 million
10. Everybody’s Fine – $4 million


The Blind Side kept up with its impressing momentum by grossing over $20 million this weekend and taking the top spot of the box office from New Moon ($15.7 million).  To date, The Blind Side has grossed over $129 million, something that I definitely didn’t expect when the film was released.  Meanwhile, New Moon has grossed a total of $255.6 million thus far. 

The debut of the war/drama, Brothers, took the third spot this weekend with $9.7 million.  And rounding out the Top 5 were A Christmas Carol with $7.5 million and Old Dogs with $6.9 million.

The other two new releases didn’t do as well as they hoped.  Armored only made $6.6 million and missed the Top 5, while De Niro’s Everybody’s Fine grossed $4 million.

As for our predictions, this was a very difficult week for the Predictions Panel.  While Phil and Sheehan didn’t buy into the hooplah that was The Blind Side overtaking New Moon, I did.  We all had Armored in the fifth spot, which just missed by less than $1 million.  None of us predicted more than three of the Top 5 films.  Yeah, it was a bad outing for all of us, but I was still able to accurately estimate the grosses of my predictions, putting me on top of the Panel for this weekend.

Check back on Friday when seroius Oscar contenders hit the silver screen.  Clint Eastwood’s drama, Invictus, starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman will debut in over 2,000 theaters.  Also, Disney’s latest, The Princess and the Frog expands wide to over 3,300 theaters.  Meanwhile, Up in the Air received a wider release and The Lovely Bones and A Single Man will see a limited release.

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