Box Office Predictions (Dec. 4-6)

Sorry about last weekend but I was wrapped around the Thanksgiving festivities too much to drag my lazy ass over to the blog and post my weekly box office predictions and results.

As for this weekend, we have three new releases.  First is the Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, and Jean Reno thriller titled Armored.  Hitting less than 2,000 theaters, don’t expect too much from this low-key film.

Next is the drama remake of a 2005 film from Denmark, Brothers, starring a tri-fecta of young and talented actors in Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tobey Maguire.  The hype around this film has increased since its screenings for critics.  Maguire supposedly gives the best performance in his career and of course Portman and Gyllenhaal have some acting chops of their own.  This is the one film I’m looking forward to seeing this weekend.

Finally, the Robert De Niro holiday comedy, Everybody’s Fine hits a little over 2,000 theaters this weekend.  Also starring Drew Barrymore and Kate Beckinsale, it’ll be a task for this film to stay afloat with other bigger and better movies out.

So basically, expect New Moon and The Blind Side to top the box office again.  But the question is, can The Blind Side dethrone New Moon?

Here are our predictions:

My Predictions:

1.  The Blind Side – $24 million
2.  New Moon – $18 million
3.  Brothers – $11 million
4.  2012 – $9 million
5.  Armored – $8 million

Phil’s Predictions:

1.  Brothers – $30 million
2.  New Moon – $20 million
3.  Everybody’s Fine – $19 million
4.  The Blind Side – $16 million
5.  Armored – $13 million

Sheehan’s Predictions:

1.  New Moon – $30 million
2.  The Blind Side – $26 million
3.  Brothers – $20 million
4.  Everybody’s Fine – $19 million
5.  Armored – $18 million


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