The Get Up Kids @ Irving Plaza (10/31/09)


Let me attempt to paint you a picture.  Name your favorite band of all-time.  This doesn’t have to necessarily be the band you think has the most talent, nor does it have to be the most popular band or the coolest band.  Just your FAVORITE band… the one that will always remain in your heart and soul and the one you can recall countless memories of what you were doing while listening to their songs.  Okay, got it?

Now name your favorite album of all-time.  The one album that has all killer and no filler.  The one album you can recite every single word of every single track.  The album that holds more meaning to you than any other collection of songs.

In my case, The Get Up Kids is my favorite band, and “Something to Write Home About” is my favorite album.  So try to understand the ecstasy I was in when they performed the entire album of “Something to Write Home About” from start to finish with minimum breaks.  I was in heaven.  There’s no other way to describe the state of bliss I experienced.

Anyway, the concert was held on Halloween, so everyone was dressed up in costume including the bands.  When The Get Up Kids came out they rocked the whole Wizard of Oz theme.  Lead singer Matt Pryor was the Scarecrow, Jim Suptic was the Tin Man, Rob Pope was Dorothy, James Dewees was the Lion, and I’m not actually sure what Ryan Pope was.

I had a pretty funny interaction with my friends at the show, because prior to leaving we looked at the setlist The Get Up Kids have been playing on their reunion tour and we were totally stoked at all the amazing songs they were playing.  But when they took the stage and played the first three songs off of “Something to Write Home About” we turned to each other and wondered if they were actually playing the album in its entirety.  And then Matt Pryor said something on the lines of “There’s nothing like playing a whole album on Halloween.”  Our eyes widened and our jaws dropped to the ground.  And the rest was history.

The best part about The Get Up Kids playing the entire album was hearing them perform certain songs on the album that I’ve never seen they play before.  One notable song (and arguably my favorite off of the album) was “Long Goodnight.”  Pryor actually admitted that they probably only played this song live about 5 times in their entire career.  But also hearing gems they usually don’t play like “The Company Dime”, “My Apology”, and “Close to Home” was amazing as well.

After completing the album, The Kids left the stage briefly and returned with as Pryor put it, “Part Two” of the set.  With “Something to Write Home About” finished, they went on to play hits off the rest of their albums.  Half of these songs included old tracks such as “Don’t Hate Me”, “Coming Clean”, and “Mass Pike.”  They even played a new song titled “Keith Case.”  Their finale was the incredibly powerful “Walking on a Wire.”

To recap, my favorite band performed my favorite album in its entirety.  Needless to say, this was and always will be my favorite concert performance.  I sure hope The Get Up Kids stay together, record more albums, and tour a lot more.

The Set List:

Something to Write Home About:

Action and Action
Red Letter Day
Out of Reach
Ten Minutes
The Company Dime
My Apology
I’m a Loner Dottie, a Rebel
Long Goodnight
Close to Home
I’ll Catch You


Man of Conviction
The One You Want
Coming Clean
Off the Wagon
No Love
Campfire Kansas
Keith Case
Mass Pike
Don’t Hate Me
Walking on a Wire


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