Box Office Results: Michael Jackson thrills during Halloween

Studio Estimates for Oct. 30 – Nov. 1:

1.  This Is It – $21.3 million
2.  Paranormal Activity – $16.5 million
3.  Law Abiding Citizen – $7.3 million
4.  Couples Retreat – $6.1 million
5.  Saw VI – $5.6 million

To no surprise, the only wide release this Halloween weekend nabbed the top spot at the box office.  Michael Jackson’s This Is It grossed $21.3 million domestically and totaled about $101 million worldwide.  Because of its success, Sony Pictures has extended the two-week limited release.

Meanwhile, Paranormal Activity is still rolling strong.  It grossed $16.5 million, which was good enough for the runner-up spot.  That takes the total gross for this micro-budget film to over $84 million.  Yowzaas.

Surprisingly, Law Abiding Citizen ($7.3 million) and Couples Retreat ($6.1 million) were able to topple over the Halloween targeted Saw VI ($5.6 million).  And another note-worthy box office result was Where the Wild Things Are exclusion from the Top 5.  It only made $5.1 million and landed the sixth spot.

As for our predictions, the results came down to the wire between me and Dan.  Based on the very simple formula deciding the winner, even though Dan’s gross estimates were more accurate than mine, because he only predicted three of the Top 5 movies, I was able to edge him out.  Meanwhile, Sheehan had a rough outing over-predicting This Is It’s gross.

Check back on Friday for our new predictions with four new releases:  The Box, A Christmas Carol, The Fourth Kind, and The Men Who Stares at Goats.


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