Box Office Results: ‘Paranormal’ thrills its way past ‘Saw’

Studio Estimates for Oct. 23-25:

1.  Paranormal Activity – $22 million
2.  Saw VI – $14.8 million
3.  Where the Wild Things Are – $14.4 million
4.  Law Abiding Citizen – $12.7 million
5.  Couples Retreat – $11.1 million

6.  Astro Boy – $7 million
8.  Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant – $6.3 million
11. Amelia – $4 million

In a surprising event over the weekend, the expanded release of Paranormal Activity toppled over the opening weekend of Saw VI.  Expanding to a little less than 2,000 theaters, Paranormal Activity grossed $22 million this weekend, bringing its total to $62.5 million in 31 days.  Meanwhile, Saw VI received its lowest opening weekend of the entire franchise with $14.8 million. 

Where the Wild Things Are saw a huge drop from last weekend, but still was able to secure the #3 spot in the box office with $14.4 million.  Rounding off the Top 5 was Law Abiding Citizen with $12.7 million and Couples Retreat with $11.1 million.

As for our predictions, the Predictions Panel had a rough outing this weekend.  None of us predicted all of the Top 5 correctly, and we were all way off with Saw VI’s gross.  My blunder was giving Astro Boy the fifth spot; Sheehan’s biggest error was predicting Where the Wild Things Are would gross $29 million; and Dan’s mistake was failing to predict Paranormal Activity in his Top 5.  We’ll try to do better next weekend.

There’s only one new release on Halloween weekend.  Michael Jackson’s This Is It comes out on Wednesday to a wide release.  Meanwhile, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day is being released in less than 100 theaters.  Did you know this movie was coming out already?  Neither did I.


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