Box Office Results: Audiences go ‘Wild’ this weekend

Studio Estimates for Oct. 16-18:

1.  Where the Wild Things Are – $32.5 million
2.  Law Abiding Citizen – $21.3 million
3.  Paranormal Activity – $20.2 million
4.  Couples Retreat – $17.9 million
5.  The Stepfather – $12.3 million

There is proof that people still love the classic children’s story, Where the Wild Things Are as it grossed $32.5 million this weekend and claimed the top spot at the box office.  The runner-up spot went to the Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx thriller, Law Abiding Citizen, which grossed $21.3 million.

Meanwhile, Paranormal Activity expanded to 760 theaters and continued its hype to an impressive $20.2 million during it’s fourth week of release.  Taking the fourth spot was the romantic-comedy, Couples Retreat with $17.9 million.  Completing the Top 5 was The Stepfather with $12.3 million.

As for our predictions, we both correctly picked Where the Wild Things Are to top the box office.  Sheehan was able to accurately predict Law Abiding Citizen in the number two spot and did well with his gross estimates.  But I predicted all the movies in the Top 5 while Sheehan failed to include Paranormal Activity.  Even though Sheehan’s gross estimate were slightly more accurate than mine, his exclusion of Paranormal was the deciding factor in the points system that gave me the victory for the weekend.

Check back on Friday for our new predictions.  There are 3 big movies coming out and one Oscar contender.  The Saw franchise continues with Saw VI, the family animation Astro Boy will battle with Where the Wild Things Are for children viewership, and Universal tries to bank on pre-New Moon vampire craze with Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Asistant.  The Oscar contender receiving a wide release under 1,000 theaters is Amelia starring two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank.


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