The Office: “The Meeting” (S06E02)



The episode opens up with Michael Scott talking seriously with Oscar about a medical procedure he’s about to have.  Oscar’s expression changed from concerned to pissed off when Michael asks for advice on how to make his colonoscopy as pleasurable as possible. (Hilarious)

“The Meeting” revolves around a private meeting between Jim and David Wallace.  We don’t know what they’re talking about, but Pam’s “goodluck” wish to Jim prior gave us the sense that it was important.  Of course, Michael Scott feels left out like the child who wasn’t invited to the birthday party.  He devises a few plans to eavesdrop on the meeting, which fail.

While all of this is going on, Pam is going around the office trying to get her co-workers to RSVP to her and Jim’s wedding.  She explains how she invited everyone in the office to be nice, but is having the wedding in Niagara Falls hoping no one is willing to take the trip.  This plan backfires when Michael allows anyone who attends the wedding two days off on Friday and Monday.

Also, Dwight and Toby investigate Darryl’s work accident with suspicion of company fraud.  The big laugh during this subplot is when Dwight and Toby mistaken Darryl’s sister for Darryl.

Anyway, we find out that the private meeting was about the idea for Jim to be promoted to Regional Manager (Michael’s job).  When David Wallace talks to Michael about that, he immediately thinks Jim’s trying to take his job away from him and sabatoges Jim.  Unfortunately for Michael, the idea also involved Michael to be promoted.

Jim confronts Michael after David Wallace informs him he doesn’t think the idea is going to work and then convinces Michael to turn the tables once again.  Finally, the result is the idea of having Michael and Jim co-branch managers.


The concept of having Jim and Michael as co-managers could be awesome.  Already, Michael called Jim “Co-Manager to the Manager.”  And when Dwight finds out the news after his day of playing detective with Toby, his freak-out is hilarious.

But overall, this wasn’t one of the funnier episodes of the series.  It was a plot-driven one that seemed necessary to allow Jim and Pam to get married and the option to go onward with their lives at Dunder Mifflin.  Nothing else.

The cover of the past week’s Entertainment Weekly was of Jim and Pam anticipating their wedding.  It will surely be a memorable episode, as wedding episodes usually are.  The episode will air on Thursday, October 8.


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