The Office: “Gossip” (S06E01)



For the season six premiere, “Gossip” was a bit unbalanced.  The episode opens up with Michael Scott, Dwight, and Andy running around the office, jumping off things, and basically making a mess of everything they touch.  They explain they’re participating in Parkour, which was a 2004 Internet phenomenom displaying professionals jumping and climbing in their environment in a dangerous and freestyle way.  It was funny and wild, but not that funny.

Anyway, this happens to be the last day for the three Summer interns at Dunder Mifflin.  As you can predict, they’ve done nothing around the office.

Anyway, the title of the episode forms into the central storyline.  Michael finds out he’s being left out on a lot of office gossip.  But once he finds out a bit of information from the interns about Stanley, he spreads the rumor to everyone that Stanley’s having an affair.  When Michael confronts Stanley about the rumor, Stanley confirms it and begs Michael to refrain from telling anyone else.

Knowing that he already told everyone about Stanley’s affair, Michael plans to spread rumors about everyone in the office to take their focus away from Stanley.  Some of the rumors he starts are as follow:  Angela is dating an 81-year-old, Toby’s a virgin, Andy is gay, Kelly has an eating disorder, and Pam is pregnant.

When people begin confronting each other about their rumor, that sparks a riot in the office.  Kevin snickers that Andy is gay, which makes him start thinking whether or not he really is gay.  Andy talks to Oscar, which results in Oscar saying that he actually might be gay.  Meanwhile, while Pam and Jim have been hiding the fact that Pam’s pregnant, somehow Michael was able to nail that rumor accurately.  When Andy tells Jim he knows there will be a “baby tuna” soon, that’s when everything comes out.

Michael calls for an immediate meeting in the conference room and explains how he made up all of the rumors except for one.  When they ask Michael which was the one rumor that was true, the quick mind of Jim saves the humiliation for Stanley and steps forward to admit Pam is pregnant.  Pam proves it with the sonogram and no one is more surprised than Michael.


Who would’ve ever expected Stanley to cheat on his wife?  Stanley, the most stagnant character in the show, actually expressed real emotions during this episode.  He’s not just a puzzle-solving, uncaring salesmen counting the seconds down until he leaves work to go home and watch television before going to sleep and then do it all over again like a robot… He’s a real person!

And once again, Michael dodged a bullet with his rumors scheme.  Even though this is becoming more predictable than a WWE match, it’s still funny and effective.

The interns were just a ploy to start Michael’s gossip.  Other than that, they weren’t funny and I’m happy that I’ll never see them again.

Also, can I just say it was hilarious that Michael was trying to spread the rumor that Toby was a virgin.  Toby’s response:  “What are you guys talking about? I have a daughter. How can I be a virgin?”  Too good.


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