Box Office Results: Labor Day Weekend Goes to ‘The Final Destination’

Studio Estimates for Sept. 4-7:

1.  The Final Destination – $15.4 million
2.  Inglourious Basterds – $15 million
3.  All About Steve – $13.9 million
4.  Gamer – $11.2 million
5.  District 9 – $9 million

10. Extract – $5.3 million

For the second straight weekend, The Final Destination topped the box office during a relatively disappointing weekend result.  Runner-up went to Inglourious Basterds with $15 million followed by two new releases, All About Steve ($13.9 million) and Gamer ($11.2 million).  Finishing off the Top 5 was District 9 with $9 million.

Our predictions were way off this Labor Day Weekend.  We were all expecting a better result from Gamer and none of us expected the rom-com All About Steve to do so well.  Not to boast, but I was able to atleast pick the movies in the Top 5 (just not in correct order).  We’ll try to do better next week.

Check back on Friday for our new box office predictions.  The hyped up, animated 9 will hit the screens on Wednesday while the rest of the new releases will appear on Friday:  Sorority Row, Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and Whiteout.


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