Disney buys Marvel

Wolverine, Aladdin, and The Dharma Initiative walk into the same bar….

You would think that there is a punch line coming up, but you would be wrong. What I’m referring to is the fact that Disney has acquired Marvel. That’s right, Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion! It sounds like something out of a movie (Austin Powers to be precise).

Disney now owns the rights to over 5,000 characters… That’s about $800,000 a character. That is a lot of money for a character, but what does this mean? Well, Disney is known for making brand names out of their products so buying Marvel means that any character will now be in all Disney stores, parks, and possibly even movies.

Now you’re probably wondering what Dharma has to do with all this… well as you may or may not know, Disney owns ABC. This means that Disney could possibly create a TV show based on a Marvel character. They wouldn’t have to worry about paying licensing fees because they own the product and can market the crap out of it. I like the idea of maybe seeing some new shows pop on ABC in the future… maybe a show similar to Smallville or something.  Things could get interesting.


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