“Welcome to the Future” by Brad Paisley

“Welcome to the Future” is the third track off of Brad Paisley’s most recent album, American Saturday Night.  Even though “Then” is Paisley’s first hit single off the album, there’s no doubt in my mind that “Welcome to the Future” will be his next single.  This was the one song off the entire album that really spoke volumes to the entire world.  Paisley’s known for writing sentimental songs to his wife, nostalgic songs about his childhood and passed family, and of course his collection of silly songs.  But this is a whole nother side of Paisley that I’m surprised to hear.

This is a song with a purpose.  A celebratory anthem for the election of Barrack Obama as President.

It begins lightly with Paisley referring to his youth when he wish he could watch TV on an eight-hour car ride and how he had to go to the arcade to play Pac-Man.  Now he has TV-screens inside of his car and videogames on his cell phone.

Then he tells about how his grandfather fought in World War II and contacted his wife the old-fashion way, mailing her letters.  While now you can video-chat with anyone, any place in the world.  Like Paisley says, “Everyday’s a revolution.”

In the final verse, Paisley gets serious and sings about an African American friend from school who faced aggressive racism.  The election of Obama is most definitely an outstanding forward progress to equal rights that Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks fought for.

Musically, the song includes some synthesizers to add to the theme of how things have transcended in every aspect.  Synthesizers in Country music?  Why not?  And of course, Paisley completely shreds the fret board during the song’s solo.

Overall, this is my favorite song off of the great American Saturday Night album.  The song is revisited in track 7, “Welcome to the Future (Reprise)” where Paisley sings about his wife and kids and again as the Untitled, intrumental-outro track.  I cannot wait to see Brad Paisley in concert on August 15 in Camden, NJ.

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