Box Office Results: Harry Potter flies, Bruno falls

Studio Estimates for July 17-19:

1.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $79.5 million
2.  Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – $17.7 million
3.  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – $13.8 million
4.  Bruno – $8.4 million
5.  The Hangover – $8.3 million

Well well well… this weekend came as a bit of a shocker (slightly).  We all had the same Top 5 predictions, and therefore none of us predicted all of the movies correctly.  We had Public Enemies in the #5 slot and the sleeper hit of the summer, The Hangover, somehow managed to squeak past Public Enemies and The Proposal for the fifth spot.

What else?  Well, Bruno had a horrendous second weekend, grossing only $8.4 million (almost falling out of the Top 5).  Oh yeah, and then there was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that had the all-time highest midnight gross… yet failed to keep up the momentum through the weekend.  Harry Potter grossed (only?) $79.5 million, which was below all of our predictions.

We promise to do a better job next weekend, though that’s going to be tricky.  There are three new releases:  The family adventure, G-Force; the horror film, The Orphan; and the romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth.


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