Tweetle Dumb: The Week’s Worst Tweets


Really?  You watched 12 Rounds, again?  Well, anyone who likes to “bounce outta hurr” has to have a dumbed down movie opinion.


So there’s no film called “Set IF Off”… but the typo hints at “Set It Off.”  A 1996 film about four black women who rob banks.  We definitely have a difference in opinion when it comes to the best movie ever (besides Lion King).


Back to my pet peeve… spell the movie title correctly!




I never understood how anyone could do anything during a movie.  Especially when you’re enjoying a film like this person was.  If it’s so crazy and “excited” then you shouldn’t have time to send a tweet.


I remember these people.  The ones who went to Blockbuster or Best Buy and rented/bought Pan’s Labyrinth and then came back to the store irate and upset.  It’s rated-R.  If these adults can’t correctly pick a children movie, I feel bad for their kids.


Oh yeah… “obiusly” that jonas brothers 3-D film is the best movie ever.


He didn’t wish his life was happy.  Instead, he wants it to be a movie.

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