Jennifer’s Body Red Band Trailer

If you haven’t heard already, the writer/ex-stripper Diablo Cody (Juno) has penned up a high school horror film called Jennifer’s Body starring the guy-magnet Megan Fox.  It’s about a gorgeous cheerleader who has a demon inside of her that consumes boys.

I’m not sure why they even released a red band trailer.  So there was one curse in the entire two minutes?  Anyway, I’m expecting a hip dialogue and surprises from Cody in this horror movie… but should I be?  Juno was an oddball film that somehow caught fire and was a box office hit for an indie movie.  Heck, it was nominated for Best Picture (when Best Picture nominations counted).  It doesn’t seem like Jennifer’s Body has the same intent, but you never know.  Oh, and all this talk from Megan Fox only using 7% of her acting abilities in Transformers 2.  Well this is her chance to shine.  But again, this is a horror movie… so she’s probably only used about 40% of her so-called “talent.”  As for now, I’m slightly interested but no where close counting the days until the release.


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