Veronica Mars movie looks dead


A while ago, a Veronica Mars movie seemed hopeful with creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell on board with the project.  But then they hit a roadblock called Warner Bros.  This is what Kristen bell told Entertainment Weekly:

“I don’t think it will ever happen, and here’s why: Rob Thomas and I had a powwow, and we were both 100 percent on board. We took our proposal to Warner Bros. and Joel Silver told us that there is no enthusiasm to make a Veronica Mars movie, and that is unfortunately a roadblock we cannot compete with. Maybe if we bombard them with letters? Maybe they will change their tune.”

I was a huge fan of the series that lasted three seasons before being canceled.  The concept of a detective show in the setting of high school and college made the series hip, entertaining, and very unique.  And although Kristen Bell looks like she’s years younger than she actually is, this project needed to be green-lit a year ago.  I think it’s safe to say that a Veronica Mars movie won’t ever happen.  But instead of grieving, just pop in the DVDs and relive Veronica Mars in Neptune driving a Saturn, solving mysteries with her P.I. father.

2 Responses to Veronica Mars movie looks dead

  1. claire says:

    No no it will be a movie because we are many who won’t give up !! Simple like that.

  2. Sam says:

    I haven’t given up on the Veronica Mars-Movie either! There must be something we can do! Let’s start writing these letters!

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