Craig Ferguson calls Rob Pattinson a “Jonas Brother”

In an interview with Guillermo del Toro, co-author of a new vampire novel titled, “The Strain” they talked about de Toro’s motive to write on such a trending topic.  Del Toro explained how the current craze over vampires concentrates on romanticism and he wants to bring back the fright in the mythical creatures.  Craig Ferguson went on to joke about Twilight exclaiming how preposterous dreamy, vegetarian vampires with big hair are.  And yes, he’s referring to Rob Pattinson and yes, he called him a Jonas Brother.

But del Toro’s book definitely sounds intriguing, as he is a fanatic of vampires and horror in general (as you can tell from the films he’s made).  I might pick this book up with expectations of the anti-Anne Rice/Stephenie Meyer.  In any event, should we expect an adaptation of “The Strain” to the theaters anytime soon?  Would it be weird if del Toro adapted his own novel to the screen?  Has that been done before?

Check out the video:


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