Tweetle Dumb – The Week’s Worst Tweets


It’s Swedish.  You’re welcome.


Okay, I do like Grease… but this might be the first time hearing someone saying it’s the best film ever made.  A movie with something called “the hand jive” cannot by the best movie ever.


I looked.  There is no movie titled “I’m the legend.”  There is an awful sci-fi film from 2007 starring Will Smith titled “I Am Legend.”  Eh, you were close enough.


Doody?  Does that mean the movie was crap… or does it mean it appeals strictly to dudes?  And how do you “kind of” meet someone?


Wrong.  “Up” is not the first feature length 3-D movie.


lol.  “How in fuck”  hahahahahaha.


But if her hair color is wrong, then you might as well just stop watching the movie right now.


And “I’m didn’t” know you were such a sour-puss.  Sorry buddy.  You get the Tweetle Dumb Pick of the Week.  I give you a big thumbs DOWN for bashing Pixar’s latest and one of their finest.  Now I don’t know what’s worse… you hating Up or Jenna hating Toy Story.  You two were meant for each other.


2 Responses to Tweetle Dumb – The Week’s Worst Tweets

  1. Danielle says:

    Uggh no. Grease is made of fail. I don’t care what any crazy tweeters say.

  2. dtrain says:

    Who was that loser that bashed Up. He shouldn’t be allowed to have a Twitter or speak for that matter. :-P

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