Box Office Predictions (June 5-7)

land_of_the_lost_poster thehangoverposter MyLifeinRuins-poster

After a pretty awesome month of May for movies to begin the summer blockbuster season, June kicks things off with the first comedies of the summer:  The Hangover and My Life in Ruins.  Also, Will Ferrell makes a splash this year with his adventure/comedy TV-adaptation, Land of the Lost.  Let’s continue with that.

Will Ferrell is accompanied by “Eastbound & Down” co-star Danny McBride in Land of the Lost.  I’m not the biggest Will Ferell fan, but he certainly has been one of the biggest faces of comedy for the past decade.  That being said, we’ll see if Ferrell’s star-power can launch Land of the Lost to the top of the box office chart this weekend.

The movie I’m excited to see is The Hangover.  I just love the premise:  three friends have to piece together the events of last night during the bachelor’s party in Las Vegas to find their groom friend.  The R-rating will limit its box office success, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who want to see this movie.

Finally, My Life in Ruins starring Nia Vardalos (the chick from My Big Fat Greek Wedding).  I haven’t heard much from this film besides a few previews that almost made me vomit in my mouth.  I didn’t like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and even though this is not a sequel to that film, there’s an aspect about My Life in Ruins that is telling me to stay away.  This PG-13 comedy targets the mature female demographic, not a very bankable audience.  Don’t expect this film to crack the Top 5.

Here are our predictions:

My Predictions:

1.  Land of the Lost – $40 million
2.  Up – $35 million
3.  The Hangover – $28 million
4.  Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – $15 million
5.  Drag Me to Hell – $9 million

Chris’ Predictions:

1.  Land of the Lost – $75 million
2.  The Hangover – $55 million
3.  Up – $35 million
4.  Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – $15 million
5.  Terminator Salvation – $10 million

Unfortunately, Phil and Sheehan are away on vacation so they couldn’t submit their predictions.  Chris and I almost have similar predictions with Land of the Lost on the top and The Hangover in the Top 3… but our gross estimates differ greatly.  In my opinion, I think Chris is way off by predicting Land of the Lost will gross $75 million and The Hangover with $55 million, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Check back on Monday for the box office results.


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