Bruno landing on Eminem was staged

According to Entertainment Weekly, the incident between Sacha Baren Cohen’s character, Bruno, and Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday was all planned.  In case you don’t know what happened, Bruno was soaring above the audience towards the stage to announce the Best Actor award.  When he seemingly had technical difficulties, he plummeted down to the audience and conveniently landed on Eminem with his legs wrapped around the rapper’s head.  Eminem dropped every variable of the F-bomb, which was censored during the telecast, and then stormed out of the show angrily.

If my play-by-play didn’t suffice, check out the clip here.

It really was no surprise that the incident was staged.  That still doesn’t take away how hilarious the skit was.  And leaving you with those brief moments that all of that was actually real was worth it.  But still, the Bruno/Eminem incident wasn’t as awesome as The Lonely Island medley by LeAnn Rimes, Chris Isaak, and Forest Whitaker.  Watch the performance here.


One Response to Bruno landing on Eminem was staged

  1. Danielle says:

    HILARITY. Assuming that it was pre-planned on Em’s part, too, yeah?

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